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Faith communities that connect with their neighbors begin with intentional listening. When we reach out with open ears and open minds, we can shape our church in a way that will meet people where they are and walk alongside them towards Jesus. The Listening Church is a movement that seeks to help the church do this deep community listening. Here you will find resources and support to help you listen to your neighbors in ways that lead to meaningful connection and impactful ministry in the community.

I'm Luke S. Edwards, author of Becoming Church: A Trail Guide for Starting Fresh Expressions. I created The Listening Church because I've seen the value of deep listening in my ministry and the ministry of those I work with in Western North Carolina and beyond. I'm the Associate Director of Church Development for the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, a trainer for Fresh Expressions North America, and a professionally trained ministry coach. I co-lead a community of dads and father figures called Who Let the Dads Out? Lake Norman. I'm an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church and I was the founding pastor of King Street Church, a network of fresh expressions in Boone, North Carolina. I grew up in an area of western Massachusetts that was recently named the most post-Christian metropolitan area in the United States, where I joined my first micro-faith community at the age of fourteen. Between my upbringing and my work in local, regional, and national levels of the Fresh Expressions movement, I have a unique perspective into the future of the church in a post-Christian society. I live in Denver, North Carolina, where I enjoy going for walks in the woods with my wife and daughters. 

You can read about Fresh Expressions and my work in NC in Christianity Today  and Asbury Voices or hear about it on the Field Preachers Podcast, the Compass Podcast, and Leading Ideas Talks.

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